INTEGRATE - Integration of palliative care into home, nursing home and hospital care and into the community (2015-2019)

The INTEGRATE study is a collaboration between researchers from various disciplines and from leading research teams from three different Belgian universities.

It is a timely and innovative project studying and developing models of integration of palliative care into the health care system in Flanders, Belgium, focusing on public health and health services approaches.

This project is supported by a grant from the Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Strategic Basic Research SBO-IWT nr. 140009).

Project partners


Universiteit Gent


We aim to develop and evaluate models of integration of early palliative care within existing health services & evaluate the potential for integration of palliative care in the community and develop community interventions to improve palliative care integration in the community.

The project involves six different studies, whereby each study is broken up into a scientific work package and a work package specifically aimed at knowledge translation (valorisation).

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RETROSPECT: 2017 conference on integration of palliative care for cancer and COPD

On Friday November 17 2017, INTEGRATE organized a conference in Ghent on the integration of early palliative care in people with cancer and COPD in the hospital and at home. We informed about 200 care providers, policy makers and researchers about the implementation and the effect of early palliative care in people with cancer and COPD. New research results as well as experiences from patients, care providers and researchers involved in these innovative care pathways were discussed.

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